Monday, February 6, 2017

Artist Statement

I am a geek. When I was younger, I was not able to interact with other people besides in school. Video games was the only thing that kept me entertained and I still enjoy them today. Along the way I picked up anime, manga, and a few other things that fall in the geek category. I do not really like to say I am a geek because I feel like many people of my generation have a lot more interesting hobbies when mine is simply playing games and watching anything animated or hero related. Even though I enjoy all of these things I cannot see myself creating these things since I do not have the artist talent or skills needed to make these things.

I am a media major, but I have no experience with anything to do with the subject. Photography, editing, film making, and other topics that are under media/film are foreign to me. I have friends that are doing a lot of things in this field. Seeing the stuff they create, I always think that I am not able to do what they do because I do not have the skill and  passion that they do. Even though I have no direction, I know I want to create something that has a story. Video games interest me when there is a story to them and the same goes to anything else. I feel that I have to know the end of a story when I watch or play something, so I think that I would want to do something after college that involves creating a story that other people can enjoy like I do.

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