Sunday, April 23, 2017

Relationships Between Shots

For my post, I took a look at a scene from the movie Cloverfield directed by Matt Reeves. The entire movies it shot to look as if someone took a camera with them as they went through a monster attacking, making a lot of POV shots and look amateurish in a way. The scene I chose is when one of the main characters get up close to the monster and killed. The scene getting blurry when the monster is breathing at the camera helped create the feel of found footage the movie tries to go for.  At the same time the camera being still as the monster simply looks at the person beneath it, then shifting to the camera being flung around as he being attacked is another great moment in the scene. I would describe it as a calm before the storm. We get a different feel to the monster during this shot as well. Rather than just a mindless killing machine, we get a glimpse of it being curious and more innocent. It makes one think it is just like a dog seeing a new object, but we are reminded that it is a killing machine as it attacks the character in a brutal way. The scene ending with the camera trying to auto focus on the lifeless corpse is also well done. It is similar to a heartbeat. Being through such an experience, one's heart would be beating fast and the camera focus shows that off.

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