Monday, May 8, 2017

Final Project

Blog#4: Visit to MOMA

The shape of things exhibit had a lot of parts to it that relate to the lecture material. Each shot was more than just a simple image, but played with different elements of photography.  Some of the still pictures  used depth of field to make an image stand out. There were a few images that used close up shots that allowed me to see more details of the object in the shot. I cannot remember the name of the artist, but there was one shot that was simply a wall. The close up let me see the details of the wall, the chipped paint, the paint blisters, etc., that made the picture different. The exhibit as a whole was interesting seeing older examples of still images and contrasting them to ones that we see today.

The film Handsworth Songs has similar examples as well. The film was very unique to me because the film used three separate screens to give the experience. At first it was hard to know where to focus on the film, but when I realized where to have my focused I enjoyed the film. To me, I think that the side screens added a separate picture to the music and foley. It is hard to even call it foley when the footage from the sound was right there. This experience was something that I feel can only exist in documentaries.  

I enjoyed both exhibits and I feel that they both show different aspects of what we learned in lecture.